September 28, 2018

Former UBS Executives Raise $104 Million to Create Regulated Crypto Bank

Former UBS executives raised $104 million to operate Seba, a strictly regulated crypto bank, with a banking license from Finma, the Swiss financial regulator. The infrastructure […]
September 27, 2018

European Banks Complicit as Corrupt African Leaders Plunder Their Home Economies

European banks have allegedly been complicit as corrupt African leaders pilfer the wealth of their economies in the billions of dollars. The Angolan government on Monday […]
September 25, 2018

Cryptocurrency Prices Highly Correlated to Regulatory Action: Central Bank Report

NewA�researchA�has found that, despite the popular idea that cryptocurrencies operate generally outside the reach of national regulators, regulatory actions still have a huge impact on crypto […]
September 25, 2018

Bitcoins For Secured Loans a�� Indian Industry Still Doubtful

Secured loans in the digital lending space are witnessing a lot of innovations. But thinking of cryptocurrencies as collateral forms for these loans is still a […]
September 25, 2018

US Dollar Losing Dominance as a Means for Settling Transactions in Africa

The dominance of the United States dollar as a settlement currency in Africa is being challenged by emerging payment methods in financial technology and by native […]
September 24, 2018

New Crypto Bills on Capitol Hill, Russian Banks Face Demand for Cryptocurrencies

From Washington to Moscow, cryptocurrencies have entered the agenda of those who share a vocation to rule and regulate. Following the congressional summer vacation, the House […]
September 24, 2018

Swiss Bankers Association Acts to Prevent Crypto Firm Exodus

The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) has released a set of guidelines intended to bolster the availability of financial services to cryptocurrency companies.A�They are in response to […]
September 24, 2018

RBI Argues Supreme Court Should Not Interfere With Its Crypto Decision

The Reserve Bank of India has filed an affidavit with the countrya��s supreme court in response to one of the petitions against its crypto banking ban. […]
September 21, 2018

Danske Banka��s Alleged Money Laundering Now Totals $234 Billion, CEO Quits

The investigation into Danske Banka��s alleged money laundering has uncovered new funds. The amount of a�?questionable moneya�? flowing through the banka��s Estonian branch has grown from […]